A funeral home may also be called a funeral parlor and it is a form of business which offers interment and funeral services for the dead and the concerned families, which may include a place for the wake, a chapel, the wake services, and the funeral arrangement. Funeral homes customize their services according to the requests of the surviving family or if there's no family member to handle this arrangement, the immediate next of kin is asked or an executor who is named in the dead person's legal will. The principal services of a funeral home are to handle the required paperwork, permits, and arrangements with the cemetery, and providing obituaries to the news media, the embalming process, and casket service, while the secondary services are the provision of the wake services.


A traditional funeral service typically comprises a viewing ceremony, funeral home salt lake city service time in a home chapel or in a place of worship, and a grave site internment service. Cremation services are provided to the desire of the dead or surviving families, and a funeral home offers this form of service by the following steps: receiving the corpse, preparing for crematory, working the legal paperwork, and since direct cremation foregoes any funeral ceremony, the final step is a simple burial.


The embalming process is usually preferred by the surviving family to be performed to their dead kin, and this requires the corpse to be brought to the funeral home where embalment takes place. The embalming process is a procedure of delaying the decomposition of the dead for the purpose of providing a pleasant viewing of the body, as well as giving adequate time for the rest of the family members to be present during the wake service. To enhance the facial and hand appearance of the dead, with the consent of the family, cosmetics are used and applied by a staff of the funeral home. If the face and hands were disfigured through an accident, illness or earl decomposition, the embalmer utilizes a restorative technique to make the appearance pleasant to look at, especially if the family desires an open mausoleum service; otherwise, a closed casket may be opted. Depending on the wishes of the family, the viewing of the body in a casket can take place normally in the funeral home or to any spacious place where it can accommodate a large group of people.



Other form of service is the moving of a corpse between funeral homes, which include the shipment of coffin if the burial place is designated in a different locality. Generally, funeral homes offer prearranged service options to the living, who wish to plan ahead their own kind of mortuary salt lake cityservice. For more facts about funeral homes, visit this website at